Policies and Regulations

Policies and Regulations

Based on Resolution 54 / 2019  of the Senate of the Medical University of Warsaw of  24 June  2019
General provisions
§ 1.
These Rules and regulations apply to first- and second-cycle degree study and long-cycle study (full-time and extramural), conducted in Polish and in English at the Medical University of Warsaw, hereinafter referred to as the “University”.

§ 2
1. All students are subject to the Rector. Students of a given Faculty are also subject to the Dean of this Faculty.
2. The Student Government is a representative of all students of the University.
3. Student Government bodies express their opinion and make arrangements on the principles set out in the Act of 20 July 2018 Law on Higher Education and Science (hereinafter: the Act), the University Statute and these Regulations.

§ 3
1. Individual cases of students are considered by way of decisions, including administrative decisions, if required by the Act.
2. The Dean issues decisions, including administrative decisions based on the authorization granted by the Rector.
3. The decision referred to in para. 1, may be reconsidered on request .The application should be submitted to the Rector through the Dean within 14 days from the date of delivery of the decision.
4. From administrative decisions issued by the Rector pursuant to para. 3, a complaint may be lodged with the administrative court.
5. In matters which are not considered by way of administrative decisions, documents may be sent by e-mail in the form of scans. In case of doubt, the Dean's office employee has the right to request the submission of original documents, and the student has the right to request the original of the decision.
Organization of studies

§ 4
1. The academic year lasts from 1st October  to 30th  September and is divided into winter and summer semester.
2. The rules of organization of the academic year, including the distribution of didactic weeks and examination sessions, are determined by the Rector, after consulting the Student Government, and announce them six months before the beginning of the academic year.
3. Changes in the study program may be introduced at the beginning of a new training cycle, except for:
1) removing irregularities found by the Polish Accreditation Committee,
2) adaptation of the study program to the changes specified in generally applicable provisions.

§ 5
1. Boards of Academics operate in individual fields and years of study.
2. Boards of Academics have an advisory and consultative role in all matters related to education in a given year of study.
3. Activities of the Boards of Academics take place on the basis of the Regulations adopted by the educational council and approved by the Dean.
4. The tasks of the Boards of Academics include in particular:
1) analysis of the course of education in individual Departments conducting classes,
2) preparing proposals for changes in study programs,
3) coordination of schedules, credits, colloquia and exams in a given year of study,
4) analysis of applications and surveys of the student community regarding education.
5. Members of the Boards of Academics are appointed at the request of Heads of the Departments or bodies of the Student Government.
6. The Boards of Academics are appointed by the Dean.
7. The Boards of Academics include:
1) the Chairman appointed from among academic teachers conducting classes in a given year of study. The candidacy for the Chairman needs to be agreed with the Student Government,
2) a year representative and representatives of all Dean’s groups.
8. The Chairmen of the Boards of Academics are also year/years tutor. The scope of duties of the year/ years tutor is defined in the Regulations of the Boards of Academics referred to in para. 3.
9. Meetings of the Boards of Academics are recorded. The protocols are kept in the Dean's office.

Organization of classes and examination session
§ 6
1.       The detailed timetable is established and announced by the Dean no later than 4 weeks before the beginning of the semester.
2.       The detailed schedule of the examination session is established and announced by the Dean in consultation with the Pedagogical councils, no later than 3 months before the beginning of the session.
3.       The rules for the participation of students in classes are set out in consultation with the Dean, by the teacher conducting the classes and announces them at the latest on the first classes.
4.       Part of the learning outcomes of the study program may be obtained using distance learning methods and techniques.
5.       By the Dean's decision selected didactic classes as well as passing subjects and exams may be conducted in English.
6.       In matters concerning the organization of studies not covered by the provisions of these Regulations, decisions are made by the Dean, who may consult the Student Government bodies.

§ 7
1.       The size of student groups during classes (including optional courses) is determined annually by the Rector, at the Dean's request, by way of a separate Regulation.
2.       The content of the Regulation shall be consulted with the Student Government.

Admission to studies as a result of transfer, resumption of studies, change of field of study, change of study form, change of lecture language, resignation from studies

§ 8
A student who, after starting studies at another university, finds himself in unexpected circumstances, may apply for a transfer to the University if the transfer makes it easier for him to overcome problems or continue functioning in unexpected circumstances, provided that he fulfills all of the following conditions:
1) fulfilled all obligations arising from the provisions of the university where he/she studied so far,
2) completed at least one year of study at the university where he/she studied,
3) accepts the study conditions at the University,
4) the learning outcomes achieved are convergent at both universities,
5) submitted to the Dean an application together with justification and documents confirming the unexpected circumstances and the current course of studies.

§ 9

1. Student removed from the list of students, subject to para. 2 may resume studies providing he/she fulfilled all the following conditions:
1) was not removed from the list of students due to disciplinary punishment of expulsion from the University,
2) completed the first year of study,
3) resumes for the first time.
2. Student who completed the studies but did not submit a diploma thesis or diploma examination may apply for resumption of studies for the time of submitting the diploma thesis and the diploma examination or for the diploma examination.
3. Resumption of studies may take place:
1) within 5 years from the date of the first removal from the list of students, in case of a student referred to in paragraph 1
2) within 2 years from the date of the first removal from the list of students, in case of a student referred to in paragraph 2.
4. The Dean, at the student's request, grants consent to resume studies and specifies the conditions for resumption, taking into account previous academic results, the period which has elapsed since the day of being removed from the list of students and changes in the study program at that time.
5. Student may be required to make up for differences in curriculum if another study program has been implemented at the resumed studies.
§ 10
1. At the student's request, Deans of relevant Faculties may agree to change the field of study, provided that all of the following conditions have been met:
1) the student meets the currently applicable requirements of the admission procedure for the field of study and form to which he is to be transferred,
2) completed the first year of study,
3) the learning outcomes in both fields are convergent.
2. The student makes up for the curriculum differences resulting from the change of field of study.

§ 11
1. At the student's request, the Dean may transfer a student from part-time studies to full-time studies or from full-time studies to part-time studies.
2. The change of the form of studies from part-time to full-time may take place not earlier than:
1) after completing the second year of studies – in case of students of medicine, dentistry, medical analytics, pharmacy and physiotherapy,
2) after completing the first year of study – for students of other fields of study.
3. The condition for applying for the transfer from part-time to full-time studies is obtaining an average grade not lower than 4.5 from the last two completed years of study, and in case referred to in para. 2 point 2 after the first year of studies – not lower than 4.5 from the first year of study.

§ 12
1. At the student's request, the Dean may agree to transfer within the same field of study, from studies in English to studies in Polish or from studies in Polish to studies in English.
2. Transfer from studies in English to studies in Polish may take place:
1) not earlier than after completing two years of study,
2) when the average grade is not lower than 4.5 of the last two completed years of study.
3. If the language of instruction at the studies to which the student wishes to be transferred is not his/her native language, the student is required to present a document confirming the knowledge of the language of instruction at the level enabling to complete the studies, in accordance with the requirements of the Admission Resolution for a given academic year.

§ 13
1. The Dean set the limit of free places for students transferring from another university or changing the field of study or form of studies, or the language in which they study.

§ 14
1.The Dean, at the student request, who transfers from another university, resume studies, changes the field and form of studies or language of instruction transfers credits and grades from classes and examinations with respective ECTS points, subject to paragraph 2.
2. The Dean makes the decision after content-related consultation with the Head of the relevant Department. The Dean may credit classes or refuse to credit classes or credit classes provided that the curriculum differences are completed on the terms set out by the Head of the appropriate Department (e.g. attending selected classes, passing the exam without attending classes).
3. The rules referred to in para. 1 and 2 shall also apply in case of a student who applies for transfer of completed classes from already completed or concurrent studies, provided that the learning outcomes achieved coincide with the effects that apply in the field in which the student is currently studying.
§ 15
1. The student may resign from studies.
2. The student shall resign from studies in writing. The student submits the application to the relevant Dean's office or sends a scan of the document electronically.