Assoc. Prof. Jacek Sieńko, MD, PhD

The Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) is one of the best medical schools in Poland, located in the country’s central European capital. Established in 1809, MUW has a long and distinguished history of training doctors and providing outstanding healthcare to the public. With a population of almost 10, 000 students, MUW is currently home to around 700 international students from over fifty countries. Students who have a high school final examination certificate or a secondary education diploma equivalent are welcome to apply to our 6-Year Medical Program, taught entirely in English.

Over the last years, MUW has significantly developed its infrastructure. Today, our students have access to world-class facilities, such as our new Pediatric Hospital and Medical Simulation Center.

The teaching community at MUW consists of about 1,800 academics, almost 200 professors, and over 500 PhD students. You will have possibility to interact with researchers recognised both in Poland and internationally. We want to share with you our passion and show you the intricacies of our specializations, for example through the “MUWing Science” mentorship program. Students can gain clinical and research experience in a range of disciplines, including biochemistry, cardiology, health psychology, immunology, neonatology, and paediatrics. Most importantly, students get to grow as individuals under the guidance of mature and accomplished scientists and teachers.

In the Pre-Clinical Years 1, 2, and 3, students will learn the fundamentals of medicine. In our Anatomy classes, students will dissect real cadavers, an unmatched experience that far outmatches the medical atlases
or 3-D visualization software used at other universities. In the Clinical Years 4, 5, and 6 students will be given the chance to work side by side with doctors at six of our University Clinical Teaching Hospitals and at many more affiliated hospitals across Warsaw. Students will also get the opportunity to train at our Medical Simulation Center.

As a member of the Bologna Process, MUW not only follows, but goes far beyond the required European Education standards (ECTS). Our 6-Year MD Program is recognized across Europe, Canada, and the USA and is
accredited by the Medical Councils of the USA, California, Malaysia, and Thailand. MUW provides graduates with the knowledge and clinical experience necessary to pursue a successful career as a medical doctor almost everywhere in the world.

Furthermore, MUW prepares students to embark on a career path in medicine, by providing them with both tools for success, and real-life opportunities. With the support of MUW professors and teaching staff, students
can further develop their particular interests by joining scientific clubs such as the Czerniakowski Hospital Surgery Club, the ANKONA Anaesthesiology Scientific Society, the Neuropsychiatric Club, or the Cardiology Club, among others. Students can also challenge themselves by participating in international scientific conferences held in both Poland and abroad. For example, MUW’s Student Government organizes the annual Warsaw International Medical Conference (WIMC), while the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry hosts the International West-East Dental Conference each year. Year 1 students can also test their knowledge in Anatomy at the renowned Scapula Aurea/Golden Scapula competition, while more senior students can test their skills in the Nationwide Medical Simulation competition.

Students can also take advantage of our new sports centre with an Olympic-size swimming pool, indoor and outdoor rock-climbing wall, a multi-sports hall and multiple fitness rooms. Students will not have to make a
choice between their favourite activities and their studies, just because they got into med school. There are different sports teams and various student societies to suit everyone’s tastes, from groups like handball or choir, to student governments and charities. At MUW, we offer an excellent environment for learning and growing at every stage of the students’ medical education.

Getting a degree abroad also means experiencing a new culture, learning a new language, and tasting new foods. Poland is therefore not only an attractive study destination because of its high-quality university
education, but also because of its rich history and world-famous hospitality. By choosing to study at the Medical University of Warsaw, students will become part of a vibrant and safe cosmopolitan city. With a population of almost 2 million, Warsaw can boast of being one of Europe’s cleanest and safest capitals.

Wishing you a safe and productive year.

Your Dean,
Assoc. Prof. Jacek Sieńko, MD, PhD

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