Polish B2 level test

The B2 level test, which may provide an exemption from Polish classes on year 1 and/or 2, is going to take place on the 16th Of October. The test is going to take place online: the written part takes place at 10.30, 16.10

on the university e-learning platform, and the oral part at 12.15, 16.10 via Zoom.

All interested students are asked to send an application to Ms. Anna Maczkowska, the coordinator for the Polish language subject (amaczkowska@wum.edu.pl) until Thursday, 14th of October, 12.00.

If you do not send such request, you will not be allowed to take the exam. The request has to contain your student no. and e-mail (you will need it to log on the e-learning platform), group no., year.

Links to the exam will be published on Thursady 14.10, in the afternoon.

Please check out before the exam if you have no problems accessing the platform and no issues with the Polish keyboard.

Students with polish baccalaureate do not have to take the exam, but if you would like to be exempt from polish, you must write an application to Dean Sieńko, send it to me.

Please note that such examination and exemption only applies to the current academic year.