Extra slots for COVID-19 vaccination open

Extra slots for COVID-19 vaccination open

Dear Students,

We have opened extra slots for vaccination against COVID-19 for those of you who could not be vaccinated yet for any reason. You can book an appointment for Wednesday, April 7, 2021 in Duchess Anna Mazowiecka Hospital at 2 Karowa Street (Dobra Street entrance). We will vaccinate you with Comirnaty (Pfizer/BioNTech) vaccine .

You can choose from available vaccination time slots by using the link below (this link is for ED, EDD and other international students only):


In order to book a vaccination visit (in the application) you must be logged into MUW (login and password to Office, MS Teams). Please, use only MUW email (@student.wum.edu.pl) in the form.

Please, don’t forget to follow the steps below before you come to the vaccination point:

  1. Bring your passport along (or ID card – dowód osobisty – if you have the PESEL number).
  2. Fill and print the questionnaire and declaration.

See you at the vaccination point in Karowa Hospital,

Your Dean, Jacek Sienko