First dose vaccination against COVID-19 completed

First dose vaccination against COVID-19 completed

Dear Students,

I am pleased to announce that vaccination of English Division students with the first COVID-19 vaccine dose at Medical University of Warsaw has been completed. We managed to vaccinate about 350 ED students until 20 March 2021. All vaccines were given in Duchess Anna Mazowiecka Hospital. At the beginning of the vaccination programme students had received invitations to their vaccination appointments, which was later changed to individual bookings. Finally, we sent e-mails to all the students to make sure that everybody had a chance to be vaccinated.

I would like to thank all my colleagues including doctors, nurses, voluntary students and the staff of my office who have worked in their spare time to help ensure efficient and safe running of vaccination services. We were also impressed with students’ discipline, punctuality and how you respected all sanitary rules. I would like to express my gratitude for your correct attitude.

I am aware that there are still students who will return from abroad and haven’t been vaccinated yet, those who had temporary contraindication to vaccination or just hesitated to be vaccinated. We will try to provide you with extra slots so that all our community can be vaccinated and we can resume relatively normal academic life soon.

I wish you good luck and thank you for cooperation,

Your Dean, Jacek Sienko