STEP 4: Complete Your Admission File

Congratulations! You’ve been qualified!

Your status in ORS may change as follows:
“Preliminary Qualification, Please pay the Confirmation Fee"– The Admission Board is waiting for you to confirm your place at the university and pay the confirmation fee.
You have seven days to do this. You will receive instructions on how to confirm your place.

“Qualified, Place is confirmed" – You have confirmed your place, and paid the confirmation fee.
You will receive templates of the documents to be completed and guidelines on preparing the Admission File.
The Admission Board will give you a deadline by which you must submit your documents – usually 30 days.

“Accepted" – The Admission Board received and analysed the documents (Admissions File) you sent by mail or courier to the university. Most or all of your documents are proper.
You are entered on the student list.

Confirmation Fee

The confirmation fee is 200EUR and is non-refundable.
Only candidates who have been qualified for the 6-year MD Program in English are required to pay the place confirmation fee.

The confirmation fee must be paid by bank transfer only. Use your personal account number generated by the online registration system when making your payment by bank transfer.
Note: the Medical University of Warsaw accepts only bank transfer payments in EUR. , therefore, please ensure that the amount being transferred from a foreign currency will meet the required amount in EUR.
The fees charged by banks should be taken into account when making the transfer. Please, ask your bank what commissions they charge

Bank transfer details:
Beneficiary: Medical University of Warsaw
Beneficiary address: Żwirki i Wigury 61, 02-091 Warsaw, Poland

Bank name: Bank Millenium
Bank address: Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 Warsaw, Poland
IBAN: PL+ bank account number available in your ORS account in the “Payment" stage or Main panel

Title of payment: Name Surname/ORS ID number/confirmation fee

Admission File
To be admitted, candidates must submit the following documents:

1. Completed templates of the documents received from the University:
a. Personal questionnaire
b. Statement of Consent on Personal Data Processing
c. Statement on Civil rights
d. Statement of the date of obtaining the secondary school-leaving certificate. (Only candidates who have not yet received the original certificate from their school when mailing by post the documents to the University).

2. Secondary School-Leaving Certificate (High School Diploma)
a. The certificate must be original or the copy certified by a Notary Public
b. The certificate must be certified with an affixed apostille or legalized
– Candidates holding IB/EB Diploma do not need to have an apostille on the official high school-leaving examination certificate.
c. Transcripts of all attended education programs with an affixed apostille or legalized (a transcript is only needed if the grades are not written on the certificate).
d. Secondary School-Leaving Certificate (High School Diploma) must entitle to apply for university admission in the Republic of Poland, which in its country of issue entitles its holder to be admitted to medical education programmes. Therefore, some candidates submit an additional document issued by the candidate’s school and legalized by the Ministry of Education that certificate possessed by the candidate entitles him to enter higher education in the country where the School Leaving Certificate or High School Diploma was issued.

3. Document confirming the fluency in English.

The candidates who have been qualified to the admission to the studies (6-year Medical Program in English) must present a certificate of an examination verifying their fluency in English.

The above requirement does NOT apply to the candidates whose mother tongue is English (e.g. Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Canada) or the candidates who have taken the baccalaureate examination in English.
For these candidates, documents confirming command of English are:
– citizenship of a country in which English is the official language
– IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate)
– EB Diploma (Issued in Brussels)
– the higher education diploma, if the language of instruction was English

The Admission Board reserves the right to request additional information and/or require language proficiency exam scores.

Language certificates

Below is a list of Language certificates recognized by the Medical University of Warsaw:
IELTS Academic – Overall Band Score at least 6.5 points
TOEFL iBT – at least 87 points
TOEFL PBT – at least 547 points (at least 2100 points in the computer system)
TOEIC – at least 700 points

In the case of the candidates who have obtained the graduation certificate of secondary education upon taking the baccalaureate examination (egzamin maturalny) the result of the written examination in English (advanced level) of at least 83% will be taken into account. If a candidate presenting a graduation certificate of secondary education obtained after taking the baccalaureate examination does not have at least the above grade in English he/she must present the language certificate confirming his/her fluency in English according to the above rules.

In respect of the candidates from Scandinavian countries the grades included in the graduation certificate of secondary education will be taken into account. The minimum grades in the case of the candidates representing Scandinavian countries:
1. candidates from Norway – 4
2. candidates from Sweden – C (VG)
3. candidates from Denmark – 7
If a candidate from a Scandinavian country does not have at least the grade specified above he/she must present language certificate confirming his/her fluency in English according to the above rules.

4. Health certificate form completed by a physician stating that the candidate can commence medical studies.
It requires several tests and preparation of information
a. The hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs) test = Serologic Evidence of Immunity against HBV.
If the test indicates the need for hepatitis B vaccination, the candidate must undertake the vaccination as prescribed by the doctor.
b. Immunisation proof. The document is recording all vaccination dates from your birth, including immunisation against HBV (Hepatitis B).
c. Results of detection of Salmonella and Shigella in the stool samples for sanitary and epidemiological purposes. The test must base on collecting and delivering three (3) stool samples.

Document Check-list

We will provide you with detailed information and a checklist with templates of documents after place confirmation.
Preparation of the school-leaving certificate (high-school diploma) depends on the country where you graduated or the education system.
We strongly request that each candidate upload scans of their documents into the ORS system before sending them by registered post or courier service.
Let us know that you have prepared all the documents in ORS – send us an email (

All requested documents must be sent by post (by mail) as originals to:

Medical University of Warsaw
Faculty of Medicine – English Division
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 63 (room 316A in University Library Building)
02-091 Warszawa

NOTE: Candidates who submit incomplete and/or incorrect documents will not be admitted by the Admission Board.


English Division Admission Office
Mrs. Anna Lazurek, MA – Admission Officer
Mrs. Marta Ołdak-Oliwa, MA – Admission Officer

Faculty of Medicine
Medical University of Warsaw
ul. Żwirki i Wigury 63 (room 316A in University Library Building)
02-091 Warszawa, Poland
Phone +48 22 5720 672

Documents that should be submitted upon the start of studies:

12. Proof of health insurance valid in Poland (EHIC for EU citizens)
13. Copy of a student visa or other document confirming that the stay in Poland is legal
14. Confirmation of education issued by the Masovian Education Superintendent – to be submitted by the end of the first year of studies (unless recognition is automatic, based on international agreements or the Admission Board determines otherwise)