STEP 1: Apply online


The Online Recruitment System (ORS)  is the only way to register and apply to the Medical University of Warsaw 6-year MD Program in English. We do not accept any other form of application.

The Online Recruitment System is the University’s means of communication with the Candidate. All the information that appears on the Candidate’s online account or in emails sent to the Candidate’s address shall be deemed given and binding. Therefore, the Candidate is responsible for checking their online application and emails. Admission results will appear on the Candidate’s online account only.

Note: The University is committed to personal data protection and will not disclose any information by phone or third parties. The University is not responsible for the incorrectly completed application.

Types of applications in the Online Recruitment System

When you register in our Online Recruitment System, you choose whether you want to take our Competency Test or certificate (BMAT, MCAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT).
You also choose the type of school-leaving certificate you have or will receive. You can select only one type of application.

1. If you want to take the Competency Test, select from the following applications:
– IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate)
– EB Diploma (Issued in Brussels)
– New polish maturity certificate (since 2005) – only for candidates holding polish matura (PL)
– Secondary school-leaving certificate (High school diploma) – choose this application if your school-leaving certificate is other than listed above

2. If you want to apply with your BMAT, MCAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT certificate, please select the application:
– BMAT/MCAT/UKCAT/GAMSAT + Secondary school-leaving certificate/IB/EB/Polish maturity certificate*

*Please note, the above type of application also applies to IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate), EB Diploma (Issued in Brussels), New polish maturity certificate (since 2005) if you are using BMAT, MCAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT certificate to apply.

Online Registration: Step by Step

1. Select the correct type of application.
Register online and remember your password.

2. Complete the application steps in ORS: fill in the required fields.
The application is divided into several steps. Completed steps are marked in GREEN. Incomplete fields are marked in RED.
a. Each candidate is required to add a recent photo. Read in the ORS the photo requirements carefully.
b. Remember to choose a date and place for the Competency Test (if you have selected this type of application).

3. Enclose the required documents.
The list of documents is in the step “Attach Documents".  We only require a few at the beginning. Upload them as soon as possible.
You will have to complete some documents if you are qualified (status: Qualified, place is confirmed).
You will be given a deadline for this by the Admission Board – usually 30 days.
a. Secondary school-leaving  certificate
    If you already have the certificate, complete the “Grades and Results" step and attach the document’s scan.
    If you do not yet have the secondary school-leaving certificate, please:
         – in the step “Education", be sure to indicate the date on which you are likely to receive the certificate
         – leave the “Grades and results" step blank. You will complete it with your final grades.
b. The language certificate should be attached to the documents when you get the status: Qualified, place is confirmed.
Remember, however, that if you do not have the correct documents confirming English fluency, you will not be able to be admitted to the university.
c.  If you want to apply with your BMAT, MCAT, UKCAT, GAMSAT certificate, please upload the document’s scan. If you do not enclose this document, your application will not be considered.

4. Check your application. Make sure to fill in each field correctly.
Completed steps are marked in GREEN. Incomplete fields are marked in RED.

5.  Pay the application fee.
The application fee is non-refundable and must be paid by bank transfer only.
Please, use only the personal account number generated by the ORS.

6. Check your online account and emails regularly for information and updates.
Initially, each candidate has a “no decision" status.

Based on the competency test results or the BMAT/UCAT/GAMSAT/MCAT score, the Admission Board will qualify each candidate. Status in ORS may change as follows:
“Qualified, Place confirmation" – The Admission Board is waiting for you to confirm your place at the university and pay the admission fee. You have seven days to do this. You will receive instructions on how to confirm your place.
“Qualified, Place is confirmed" – You have confirmed your place. You will be given templates of the documents to be completed and guidelines on preparing the admission file. The Admission Board will also give you a deadline by which you must submit your documents.
“Waiting list" – Candidates who earned more points than you were qualified. You may still be qualified if they choose not to enrol. You have to wait for further instructions.
“Not accepted" – Your application was rejected. You can only apply again in the next academic year’s recruitment.

Application Fee

The application fee for Candidates who want to write the Competency Test is 24 EUR.

The application fee for Candidates who have written the BMAT, MCAT, UKCAT or GAMSAT is 20 EUR.

Payment procedure

The application fee is non-refundable and must be paid by bank transfer.
The Online Recruitment System will generate an account number dedicated to your application. Please, use only the personal account number generated by the ORS when making your payment by bank transfer.

Please note:
The Medical University of Warsaw accepts only bank transfer payments in EUR. Therefore, please ensure that the amount being transferred from a foreign currency will meet the required amount in EUR.
All and any handling charges related to the transfer, refunds, currency conversion fee are candidates’ responsibility.

Bank transfer details:
Beneficiary: Medical University of Warsaw
Beneficiary address: Żwirki i Wigury 61, 02-091 Warsaw, Poland
Bank name: Bank Millenium
Bank address: Stanisława Żaryna 2A, 02-593 Warsaw, Poland
IBAN: PL+ bank account number available in your ORS account in the “Payment" stage or Main panel
Title of payment: Name Surname/ORS ID number/application fee

Remember: The bank account number generated during the registration is dedicated to a particular ORS account  – includes your ID number at the end.
Only this account number should be used for paying the application and admission fee. It cannot be used for making any other payments (sister/brother or friends’ application fees, dormitory fees etc.)